Uses of Interface

Packages that use Integrable
simulations.objects.antennaMath This package contains all the classes needed to generate the electromagnetic fields of a linear electric antenna. 

Uses of Integrable in simulations.objects.antennaMath

Classes in simulations.objects.antennaMath that implement Integrable
 class Func1
 class Func2
 class S1
 class S2
 class S3
 class S4

Methods in simulations.objects.antennaMath with parameters of type Integrable
static double RomoInt.RomoInt(Integrable func, double[] p, double a, double b, int nq, int[] note)
static double RombInt.RombInt(Integrable func, double[] p, double a, double b, int nq, int[] note)
static double qRomo.qRomo(Integrable func, double[] p, double a, double b, int[] note)
static double midpnt.midpnt(Integrable func, double[] p, double a1, double a2, int n, double s)
          Creates new midpnt
static double ChebyshevIntegration.qCheb(Integrable fct, double[] p, double a, double b, int ncmax, int[] nc)
static void ChebyshevIntegration.ChebIntFit(Integrable fct, double[] p, double a, double b, double[] cint, int n)