Uses of Class

Packages that use EMCollection
simulations.experiments.electrostatics This package contains all the experiments for the various electrostatic experiments. 
simulations.experiments.faradaysLaw This package contains all the experiments for the various Faraday's Law experiments. 
simulations.experiments.magnetostatics This package contains all the experiments for the various magnetostatic experiments. 

Uses of EMCollection in simulations.experiments.electrostatics

Fields in simulations.experiments.electrostatics declared as EMCollection
private  EMCollection TwoChargesExperiment.collection
          The sum of these two charges
private  EMCollection ColorTestExperiment.collection
private  EMCollection ChargeInFieldExperiment.collection
          collection of EM objects consisting of the charge and the constant electric field

Uses of EMCollection in simulations.experiments.faradaysLaw

Fields in simulations.experiments.faradaysLaw declared as EMCollection
private  EMCollection TwoPlanesExperiment.collection
private  EMCollection RecedingImageExperiment.collection
          The collection of the three monopoles.
private  EMCollection MovingReceedingImageExperiment.collection
          the collection of the three monopoles plus the two line dipoles
private  EMCollection MovingRecedingImagePotentialExperiment.collection
          the collection of the monopole plus the two potential function
private  EMCollection FallingRingExperiment.collection
          the collection of the two rings
private  EMCollection EddyCurrentsMonopoleExperiment.collection
          collection consisting of only one set of eddy currents
private  EMCollection EddyCurrentsDipoleExperiment.collection
          Collection consisting of two sets of eddy currents, one for each of the two monopoles making up the dipole.

Uses of EMCollection in simulations.experiments.fluidFlow

Fields in simulations.experiments.fluidFlow declared as EMCollection
private  EMCollection HeliosphereFlowExperiment.collection
          The sum of these two flow fields.
 EMCollection DataInputExperiment.collection
 EMCollection CirculatingFlowExperiment.collection

Uses of EMCollection in simulations.experiments.magnetostatics

Fields in simulations.experiments.magnetostatics declared as EMCollection
private  EMCollection TeachSpinExperiment.collection
          the EMCollection consisting of the dipole and the current ring