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Lobby 7

The gateway to the Infinite Corridor from the activity of Mass. Ave., Lobby 7 is our town square, and home to the Information Office. Throughout the year, 26-foot banners hype drama productions and impassioned kiosk postings announce rallies. And during the Independent Activities Period in January, Lobby 7 hosts the world's best paper airplane competition and our infamous Charm School.

Into the Light Movie

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Walking toward the light, you're inspired to gasp "Eureka," declare "Voila," or shout out "Awesome weather!" Six times a year the sun streams into Lobby 7 and down the entire length of the Infinite Corridor. It's our very own MITHenge, as people gather the length of the hallway and chant "Om" (or whatever chanting-appropriate phrase comes to mind).

Infinite Corridor Movie

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Infinite Corridor

The key to surviving snow? Hot chocolate, snowball fights, and seven miles of interconnecting tunnels and hallways. One-sixth of a mile long, the Infinite Corridor is the backbone of a subterranean system connecting labs, classrooms, fishbowls, offices, and libraries. Legend hails it as the third longest tunnel system in the world, after the corridors of the Kremlin and the Pentagon.

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