Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

Speaker and Food Demonstrator Biographies

* Bob LeRoy, MS, RD, Ed.M. holds an M.S. in Nutrition and Public Health and an Ed.M. in Community Nutrition Education. He is a Registered Dietitian and has served as Nutrition advisor to the North American Vegetarian Society since 1990.
* Robert Cohen, B.Sc. Is an endocrinologist and the author of the book Milk: the Deadly Poison. He is founder and Executive Director of the Dairy Education Board, a group of nationally prominent doctors dedicated to dispelling myths about milk.
* Howard Lyman, L.L.D. is a fourth generation cattle rancher and feedlot operator turned vegan advocate. He was co-defendant with Oprah Winfrey in the famous meat defamation trial. Lyman is author of the book Mad Cowboy : Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat . He is founder of Voice for a Viable Future and president of Earthsave International.
* Ken Bergeron, CEC is a vegan chef who has won three gold medals at the International Culinary Olympics. He was chosen Chef of the Year by the Connecticut Chef's Association. He has recently released a book entitled Professional Vegetarian Cooking. (Ed. note: This book contains recipes for those awe-inspiring soups Ken demonstrated at past FoodFests - reason enough to rush out and buy it today)
* Didi Emmons is the author of Vegetarian Planet and is well-known as a chef in many of Boston's finest restaurants -- Hamersley's Bistro, The Cambridge House Inn, The Blue Room, and The Delux Cafe. Didi is currently working on a second cookbook.

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