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The MIT Vegetarian Group has a general discussion email list (veg) and a local list (veg-local). We also have a recipe-exchange list (veg-recipe) and a list for people interested in Boston-area dining/potlucks (veg-dine). Finally, we maintain a list for planning our activities (veg-action).

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Please note: Our lists are intended primarily (but not exclusively) to serve the MIT vegetarian community. Therefore, there are many notices that are specific to MIT/Boston. You may be interested in national vegetarian mailing lists, several of which carry high traffic. If you are not in the MIT/Boston area, or if you are interested in a high volume of discussion, you may prefer to join one or more of these national lists. Note that we are NOT the maintainers of the national email lists; in order to subscribe to one of them, follow the instuctions given with its description.

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