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About Us

The MIT Vegetarian Group is a very informal organization interested in vegetarian issues. Membership is free, noncommittal and comes with no requirements (being vegetarian is not a prerequisite).

Our activities include:

  • a number of electronic mailing lists for general discussion, recipe exchange, and setting up dinner trips in the Boston area.
  • Various informal social events, such as potluck, communal meals, or dining at some of the Boston area's several veggie-friendly restaurants. Many of these outings are organized over the veg-dine discussion list. Also check our upcoming events...
  • reserved advocacy/publicity for vegetarianism, such as booths in Lobby 10, working with the MIT Food Service and MIT Medical, participating in R/O week, etc. What have we been up to in this arena? Check out the recent happenings with the MIT Vegetarian Group...
  • a directory on Athena with varied information.