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50 Groton Road, Westford, MA 01886 / MIT Bldg: OC-21 / MPC 810 / 42° 36' 35" N x 71° 29' 04" W

All sky camera
Live view of sky from Wallace

All-Sky image refreshed every 4 minutes. Press Ctrl and F5 to force image refresh.

Sky Quality Meter Trend
Night Sky Brightness

Sky quality meter (SQM-LE) updates sky brightness once per minute.

Sky Quality Meter Current Readings

Current Observing Conditions

Live data from at Wallace Observatory from our SkyAlert weather sensor.

    Clear Sky Clock (48hrs)
Established 1971

A teaching and research facility run by the planetary astronomy lab in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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