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Principal Investigator  
Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson
Principal Investigatormwilson [at] mit.eduURL

Laboratory Staff  

James deMelo
Lab Managerdemelo [at] mit.edu


Jai Bhagat
Technical Assistantjaib1 [at] mit.edu

Jai is working with Carmen to improve our data analysis techniques in the field of electrophysiology (specifically spike sorting) and using fiberphotometry to study the interaction of neuronal populations between the thalamus, hippocampus, and cortex during sleep and spatial learning tasks in rodents.

Postdocs and Researchers  

Tim Brawn
Postdoctoral Associatetpbrawn [at] mit.edu

Tim explores how sleep contributes to memory consolidation and reconsolidation. He uses behavioral and electrophysiological methods to examine hippocampal and cortical coordination during sleep and how consolidating memories interact (interfere/generalize) with each other during wakefulness and sleep.


Maria Galazo
Postdoctoral Fellowmjgalazo [at] mit.edu

Maria studies interactions between cortex, thalamus, and hippocampus during wake and sleep.


Wei Guo
Postdoctoral Associatewei_guo [at] mit.edu


Jon Newman
Postdoctoral Fellowjpnewman [at] mit.eduURL

Jon is attempting to understand how cortical and hippocampal circuits consolidate memories. He also develops new open-source tools for real-time electrophysiology.


Hector Penagos
Research Scientistpenagos [at] mit.edu

Hector studies the interactions between the hippocampus and anterior thalamus during spatial navigation and sleep.


Pedro Feliciano Ramos
Postdoctoral Fellowpflcn [at] mit.edu

Pedro investigates the contributions of specific neural circuits in the generation of hippocampal spatial representations (“neuronal maps”). By applying multi-site electrophysiological recordings with closed-loop optogenetic and computational analysis he hopes to better understand spatial memory formation.


Zev Rosen
Postdoctoral Fellowzevrosen [at] mit.edu


Honi Sanders
Postdoctoral Associatehoni [at] mit.edu

Honi is looking into how experience shapes an animal's assessment of context identity and how to bound generalization during learning.

Carmen Varela

Carmen Varela
Research Scientistcarmenv [at] mit.eduURL

Carmen studies the interactions between the thalamus, hippocampus and neocortex during episodic memory consolidation. She uses multiple electrode recordings from the three sites in awake animals to study neural activity during different stages of episodic memory formation.

Jun Yamamoto

Jun Yamamoto
Honorary Lab Member yamajun [at] mit.edu

Jun developed motorized microdrives for better yield and stability. As a research scientist in the Tonegawa lab, he strives to push the limits of tetrode recordings in mice. He performs large-scale multi-unit recordings on transgenic mouse lines such as EC3-TTX and CA3-TTX to identify memory replay during waking and sleep.


Jie Zhang
Postdoctoral Associatejzhang41 [at] mit.edu

Jack attempts to model the hippocampal-cortical interaction in spatial navigation. He also designs open-source tools for electrophysiology, and image sensors for neural functional imaging.

Graduate Student(s)  
Hannah Wirtshafter

Hannah Wirtshafter
Graduate StudentGShsw [at] mit.euURLURL

Hannah studies the integration of spatial and reward-contingency information in the hippocampus and its target structures.

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