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In case of snow or inclement weather, members will be notified of any cancellation by email as early as possible on rehearsal day. We will also post at this link any updates about uncertainties about the weather, e.g, if we decide that nasty weather is not bad enough to cause a cancellation, we'll confirm the rehearsal will be held. Please, however, always use your own good judgment regarding whether or not travel is safe for you on rehearsal night. 

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On the bottom, "black to the floor": either black pants or a long black skirt or a short black skirt with black stockings, comfortable black shoes (high heels not recommended).  Top--any style or sleeve length in any of these colors:  bright blue, bright turquoise (aqua), purple, hot pink, or lighter shades of those, or bright red (adds spice to the color mix).  If you have no top that color, then black or true white is ok.

Please, no yellow, orange, green or off-white.

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Last updated April 30, 2015