Saves the current drawing or library.

WRITE name
WRITE @name

The WRITE command is used to save a drawing or library. If 'name' is entered, EAGLE will save the file under the new name.

The file name may also be entered with a pathname if it is to be saved in another directory. If no pathname is given, the file is saved in the project directory.

If the new name is preceded with a @, the name of the loaded drawing will also be changed accordingly. The corresponding board/schematic will then also be saved automatically under this name and the UNDO buffer will be cleared.

If WRITE is selected from the menu, a popup window will appear asking for the name to use (current drawing name is default). This name may be edited and accepted by clicking the OK button. Pressing the ESCAPE key or clicking the CANCEL button cancels the WRITE command.

To assure consistency for Forward&Back Annotation between board and schematic drawings, the WRITE command has the following additional functionality:

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