Layers and Colors

Select the layer combination by clicking the check boxes in the Layer list.

If you have selected an output device that supports colors, you can enter the color number in the Color field of each layer.

The following layers and output file names are commonly used to create the output:

File   Layers               Meaning
*.cmp  Top, Via, Pad        Component side
*.ly2  Route2, Via, Pad     Inner signal layer
*.ly3  Route3, Via, Pad     Inner signal layer
*.ly4  $User1               Inner supply layer
...                         ...
*.sol  Bot, Via, Pad        Solder side
*.plc  tPl, Dim, tName,     Silkscreen comp. side
*.pls  bPl, Dim, bName,     Silkscreen solder side
*.stc  tStop                Solder stop mask comp. side
*.sts  bStop                Solder stop mask sold. side
*.drd  Drills, Holes        Drill data for NC drill st.

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