Edit Library Object

In library edit mode you can edit packages, symbols, and devices.

Package: the package definition.

Symbol: the symbol as it appears in the circuit diagram.

Device: definition of the whole component. Contains one or more package variants and one or several symbols (e.g. gates). The symbols can be different from each other.

Click on the Dev, Pac or Sym button to select Device, Packages or Symbols, respectively.

If you want to create a new object, write the name of the new object into the New field. You can also edit an existing object by typing its name into this field. If you omit the extension, an object of the type indicated by the Choose... prompt will be loaded. Otherwise an object of the type indicated by the extension will be loaded.

If your license does not include the Schematic Module, the object type buttons (Dev...) will not appear in the menu.

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