Dialog Objects

A User Language Dialog is built from the following Dialog Objects:

dlgCell a grid cell context
dlgCheckBox a checkbox
dlgComboBox a combo box selection field
dlgDialog the basic container of any dialog
dlgGridLayout a grid based layout context
dlgGroup a group field
dlgHBoxLayout a horizontal box layout context
dlgIntEdit an integer entry field
dlgLabel a text label
dlgListBox a list box
dlgListView a list view
dlgPushButton a push button
dlgRadioButtona radio button
dlgRealEdit a real entry field
dlgSpacing a layout spacing object
dlgSpinBox a spin box selection field
dlgStretch a layout stretch object
dlgStringEdit a string entry field
dlgTabPage a tab page
dlgTabWidget a tab page container
dlgTextEdit a text entry field
dlgTextView a text viewer field
dlgVBoxLayout a vertical box layout context

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