Converts a schematic into a board.


See also EDIT

The command BOARD is used to convert a schematic drawing into a board.

If the board already exists, it will be loaded into a board window.

If the board does not exist, you will be asked whether to create that new board.

The BOARD command will never overwrite an existing board file. To create a new board file if there is already a file with that name, you have to remove that file first.

Creating a board from a schematic

The first time you edit a board the program checks if there is a schematic with the same name in the same directory and gives you the choice to create the board from that schematic.
If you have opened a schematic window and want to create a board, just type

edit .brd
in the editor window's command line.

All relevant data from the schematic file (name.sch) will be converted to a board file (name.brd). The new board is loaded automatically as an empty card with a size of 160x100mm (Light edition: 100x80mm), where the outlines are placed in such a way that the board is centered between the 50mil grid. All packages and connections are shown on the left side of the board. Supply pins are already connected (see PIN command).

If you need board outlines different to the ones that are generated by default, simply delete the respective lines and use the WIRE command to draw your own outlines into the Dimension layer. The recommended width for these lines is 0.

A board file cannot be generated:

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