Loads an existing drawing to be edited or creates a new drawing.

EDIT name
EDIT name.ext
EDIT .ext


The EDIT command is used to load a drawing or if a library has been opened with the OPEN command, to load a package, symbol, or device for editing.

EDIT name.brd loads a board
EDIT name.sch loads a schematic
EDIT name.pac loads a package
EDIT name.sym loads a symbol
EDIT name.dev loads a device
EDIT name.s1 loads sheet 1 of a schematic
EDIT name.s99 loads sheet 99 of a schematic

Wildcards in the name are allowed (e.g. *.brd).

The EDIT command without parameters will cause a file dialog (in board or schematic mode) or a popup menu (in library mode) to appear from which you can select the file or object.

To change from schematic to a board with the same name the command

EDIT .brd
can be used. In the same way to change from board to schematic use the command
EDIT .sch
To edit another sheet of a schematic the command
(x is the sheet number) or the combo box in the action toolbar of the editor window can be used.

Symbols, devices or packages may only be edited if a library is first opened with the OPEN command.

Which Directory?

EDIT loads files from the project directory.

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