Product Registration

Before you can work with EAGLE it is necessary to register the program with your personalized license data.

Please make sure your EAGLE license disk with your serial number on it is inserted in your disk drive.

Next you need to enter your Installation Code as printed on the label on your User License Certificate. This code consists of 10 lowercase characters and has to be entered exactly as printed on the label.

After pressing enter or clicking on the OK button, EAGLE will be installed with your personalized license data.

If you have problems installing EAGLE or are in doubt about the validity of your license please contact our Technical Support staff for assistance.

Installing additional modules

If you decided to update your license with the schematic/autorouter module you get a new User License Certificate with a new personal Installation Code. To make the new modules available you have to register your EAGLE again. Start the EAGLE program and choose in the Control Panel in the Help menu the item Product Registration.

Mounting floppy disk drives

In order to read the license.key file directly from the license disk, the floppy disk drive (usually /dev/fd0) first has to be mounted. By default, this can only be done by user root. If you want to avoid logging in as root to register EAGLE you can manually mount your floppy drive and enter the full path name of the license.key file in the first field of the Product Registration dialog. The license disk contains an "msdos" file system.

If your particular system doesn't have a floppy disk drive, you can copy the license.key file on an other system that has a floppy drive, and use a network connection, USB stick, CD-ROM or whatever media to transfer the file to your system. In that case please make sure that, for security reasons, you delete the license.key file from your system after using it to register EAGLE.

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