Control Panel

The Control Panel is the top level window of EAGLE. It contains a tree view on the left side, and an information window on the right side.


The top level items of the tree view represent the various types of EAGLE files. Each of these can point to one or more directories that contain files of that type. The location of these directories can be defined with the directories dialog. If a top level item points to a single directory, the contents of that directory will appear if the item is opened (either by clicking on the little symbol to the left, or by double clicking the item). If such an item points to more directories, all of these directories will be listed when the item is opened.

Context menu

The context menu of the tree items can be accessed by clicking on them with the right mouse button. It contains options specific to the selected item.


The Description column of the tree view contains a short description of the item (if available). These descriptions are derived from the first non-blank line of the text from the following sources:

Directories a file named DESCRIPTION in that directory
Libraries the description of the library
Devices the description of the device
Packages the description of the package
Design Rules the description of the design rules file
User Language Programs the text defined with the #usage directive
Scripts the comment at the beginning of the script file
CAM Jobs the description of the CAM job


You can use Drag&Drop to copy or move files and directories within the tree view. It is also possible to drag a device or package to a schematic, board or library window, respectively, and drop it there to add it to the drawing. User Language Programs and Scripts will be executed if dropped onto an editor window, and Design Rules will be applied to a board if dropped onto a board editor window. If a board, schematic or library file is dropped onto its respective editor window, it will be loaded into the editor. All of these functions can also be accessed through the context menu of the particular tree item.

Information window

The right hand side of the Control Panel displays information about the current item in the tree view. That information is derived from the places listed above under Description. Devices and packages also show a preview of their contents.

Pulldown menu

The Control panel's pulldown menu contains the following options:


New create a new file
Open open an existing file
Save all save all modified editor files
Refresh Tree refresh the contents of the tree view
Close project close the current project
Exit exit from the program


Directories... opens the directories dialog
Backup... opens the backup dialog
User interface... opens the user interface dialog


Control Panel Alt+0 switch to the Control Panel
1 Schematic - ... switch to window number 1
2 Board - ... switch to window number 2


General help opens a general help page
Contents opens the help table of contents
Control panel opens the help page you are currently looking at
Product registration opens the product registration dialog
Product information opens the product information window, which contains details on your EAGLE license

Status line

The status line at the bottom of the Control Panel contains the full name of the currently selected item.

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