Call a specific symbol from a device.

INVOKE * orientation *
INVOKE part_name gate_name orientation *

Center button mirrors the gate.
Right button rotates the gate.

See also COPY, ADD

See the ADD command for an explanation of Addlevel und Orientation.

The INVOKE command is used to select a particular gate from a device which is already in use and place it in the schematic (e.g. a power symbol with Addlevel = Request).

Gates are activated in the following way:

The final mouse click positions the new gate.

Gates on Different Sheets

If a gate from a device on a different sheet is to be added to the current sheet, the name of the gate has to be specified in the INVOKE command. In this case the right column of the popup menu shows the sheet number where the already used gates are placed. A gate placed on the current sheet is indicated by an asterisk.

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