Copy objects.

COPY * *..
COPY deviceset@library [name]
COPY package@library [name]

Center button mirrors the object.
Right button rotates the object.


The COPY command is used to copy objects within the same drawing. EAGLE will generate a new name for the copy but will retain the old value. When copying signals (wires), buses, and nets the names are retained, but in all other cases a new name is assigned.

Copy Wires

If you copy wires or polygons, belonging to a signal, the copy will belong to the same signal. Please note, for this reason, if two wires overlap after the use of the COPY command, the DRC will not register an error. If a net or bus wire is copied in a schematic, it belongs to the same segment as the original wire, even if there is no visible connection. This can lead to unexpected effects, for instance when renaming them later. Therefore COPY should not be used with net or bus wires, respectively.

Copy Parts

When copying a part in a schematic, there will always be a new instance of the complete part added, even if only a single gate of a multi-gate part is selected. In addition to the selected gate, any other gates of that device which have Add-Level MUST or ALWAYS will automatically be invoked.

If you just want to use another gate of a multi-gate part, you should use the INVOKE command instead.

Copy library objects

By writing COPY deviceset@library or COPY package@library you can copy a device set or a package from a given library into the currently loaded library. If an additional name is given, the copied object will be given that name. This can also be done through the library objects' context menu or via Drag&Drop from the Control Panel's tree view.

Note that any existing library objects (device sets, symbols or packages) used by the copied library object will be automatically updated.

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