Old Singers never die; nor do they seem to fade away

Once upon a time, sewing machines were built to be used every day and last for 100 years.

That sounds completely absurd to people today but it's true. Millions of vintage Singers produced from the 1880s through the 1950s are still in everyday use. Not only are these machines still around and sewing, they sew fantastically well. Old black Singers put a perfect stitch through nearly anything that fits under the presser foot. They don't growl, they don't strain, they don't skip, and they especially don't break. Sewing doesn't feels like it stresses the machine.

Vintage Singers don't sew as well as modern home machines. They sew better.

Best of all, classic Singers that once cost thousands of today's dollars are easy to find for less than the cost of plastic-geared machines.

This site is all about using classic 'low-shank' Singers and Singer accessories of yesteryear for hardcore sewing today. Much of it documents answers to questions I once had. If you have something to add, something to correct, new questions after your visit, or— even better— an unusual part to tell me about, drop me a line!

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