About Us

Inspired by the Yesplus program of the Intl. Assoc. of Human values (IAHV), the Yesplus at MIT club aims to make MIT stress-free through yoga and meditation. As part of our mission, we lead yoga & meditation sessions, stress management workshops, substance-free dance concerts, and community service events.

While all club members are interested in meditation, there will plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature, perform community service, or just enjoy life at MIT with other members of the club. After years of experimenting, our club has found that the most effective technique for our club is the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique which can be learned at a Yesplus Meditation & Leadership Retreat. Most members of the club practice this technique and often practice together on the weekends.

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Core Retreat

Yesplus's core retreat is the Yesplus Meditation and Leadership retreat. Over the course of three days, participants will learn a daily meditation practice, led through a series of games mean to develop skills in resilience and leadership, and practice the powerful Sudarshan Kriya technique. Hundreds of MIT students have taken the course over the years and some of their experiences are shared in the video below. The nation

Warning: side effects may include radically reduced suffering, persistent signs of resiliency, and previously unimaginable success.


Yesplus is currently doing a special event called "Month in Meditation". Please see schedule here.

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Student Instructors

Student instructors are peers who have been trained to lead guided meditations, knowledge sessions, and to teach pranayama(breathing)


Please email yesplus-exec@mit.edu if you have questions about anything or if you would like to partner with us for an event. Our student instructors are trained to lead guided meditations, teach pranayama, and facilitate discussions about resilience and happiness.