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Fall Choir Concert: Sunday, December 7, 2008


  • MIT Concert Choir
  • William Cutter, conductor
Randall Thompson: The Peaceable Kingdom
  1. Say ye to the righteous (mp3)
  2. Woe unto them (mp3)
  3. The noise of a multitude (mp3)
  4. Howl ye (mp3)
  5. The paper reeds by the brooks (mp3)
  6. Ye shall have a song (mp3)
George Frideric Handel: Alexander’s Feast (or, the Power of Musick)
  1. Part One

  2. Overture (mp3)
  3. Recitative: ’Twas at the royal feast (mp3)
  4. Air and Chorus: Happy pair (mp3)
  5. Recitative: Timotheus plac’d on high (mp3)
  6. Recitative: The song began from Jove (mp3)
  7. Chorus: The list’ning crowd (mp3)
  8. Air: With ravish’d ears (mp3)
  9. Recitative: The praise of Bacchus (mp3)
  10. Air and Chorus: Bacchus, ever fair and young (mp3)
  11. Recitative: Sooth’d with the sound (mp3)
  12. Recitative: He chose a mournful muse (mp3)
  13. Air: He sung Darius great and good (mp3)
  14. Recitative: With downcast looks (mp3)
  15. Chorus: Behold Darius great and good (mp3)
  16. Recitative: The mighty master smil’d (mp3)
  17. Arioso: Softly sweet, in Lydian measures (mp3)
  18. Air: War, he sung, is toil and trouble (mp3)
  19. Chorus: The many rend the skies (mp3)
  20. Air: The prince, unable to conceal his pain (mp3)
  21. Part Two

  22. Recitative and Chorus: Now strike the golden lyre again (mp3)
  23. Chorus: Break his bands of sleep asunder (mp3)
  24. Recitative: Hark, hark (mp3)
  25. Air: Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries (mp3)
  26. Air: Behold a ghastly band (mp3)
  27. Recitative: Give the vengeance due (mp3)
  28. Air: The princes applaud with a furious joy (mp3)
  29. Air: Thais led the way (mp3)
  30. Chorus: Thais led the way (mp3)
  31. Recitative: Thus, long ago (mp3)
  32. Grand chorus: At last divine Cecilia came (mp3)
  33. Recitative: Your voices tune (mp3)
  34. Duet: Let’s imitate her notes above (mp3)
  35. Recitative and Chorus: Let old Timotheus yield the prize (mp3)
  • Elisabeth Hon Hunt, soprano
  • Paulina Sliwa, mezzo-soprano
  • Ian Olsen, tenor
  • Daniel Cunningham

Photos from the Tech: Bill Cutter and soloists   —   Bill Cutter   —   Chorus