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Feel free to contact any of the officers if you have questions about the choir or the section leaders if you have questions about sectionals or attendance. For general queries or to be added to mailing lists, it’s best to email the entire Exec including Dr. Clark at concert-choir-admin.

Unless otherwise specified, all e-mail addresses should be followed by The domain part has been removed to avoid being targeted by spambots.

Mailing Lists

Officers and Administrators concert-choir-admin
Section Leaders cc-section-leaders (inactive)
Sopranos cc-soprano
Altos cc-alto
Tenors cc-tenor
Basses cc-bass
Full Choir concert-choir


Andrew Clark andrewcl


For more, see the document on officer roles.

President Allison Hamilos ahamilos
President Eva Goldie elgoldie
Vice President Freya Edholm fe2o3
Treasurer/Librarian Adrian Wittmann wittmann
Secretary Ariel Largen aalargen
Publicity Chair Luke Robitaille lrobitai
Social Chair Jeeve Mahadeo smahadeo
Social Chair Zhixing Chen zhixingc
Stage Manager Ariel Largen aalargen
Stage Manager Natasha Spark nnmss
Concert Program Co-ordinator Chloe Levine
Webmaster Ilya Gulko thankyou