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Memo on officer roles

(written Fall 2022)

According to the constitution, the MIT Concert Choir has the following officer roles. Officers, section leaders, and section pianists earn their choir points through their service in the role and are not required to earn additional choir points. None of these roles have massive workloads (generally <1hr/week), and the current officers can answer any questions you have about them. We would really love to have new people involved!

Roles in previous semester

PRESIDENT: The President presides over the choir, administrative meetings, and coordinates the activities of the other Officers. The President is the primary contact person for inquiries from outside of the Concert Choir, and communicates closely with the director of the Concert Choir. (MUST BE CURRENT MIT STUDENT) VICE PRESIDENT: Assists President in their role, takes on the role of President in their absence, and takes on miscellaneous responsibilities that are not covered by other officers. TREASURER: The Treasurer handles the group’s finances. (MUST BE CURRENT MIT STUDENT) LIBRARIAN: The librarian’s responsibility is to number, assign, distribute, track, and collect scores and music deposit checks. This role is frequently taken on by the same person as the treasurer. PUBLICITY CHAIR: The publicity chair is in charge of organizing on-campus publicity efforts including postering; email announcements; social media; and co-ordination with MTA for publicity purposes. SOCIAL CHAIR: The social chair is in charge of organizing post concert receptions and other social events (study breaks, etc.) WEBMASTER: Responsible for the maintenance of the Concert Choir web page and the archives on it.

Other roles

We also have some older roles that would be nice to revive, and these are: CONCERT MANAGER: The responsibility of the Concert Manager is to verify that the set up as requested by the director via the Concerts Office has been properly done by the Campus Activities Complex. The Concert Manager is also in charge of all backstage logistics, including seating arrangements and lineups, during dress rehearsals and performances. CONCERT PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Provide complete and correct personnel list to the Concerts Office for inclusion in concert programs, and facilitate the verification of information in programs before printing. SECRETARY: The Secretary keeps track of and maintains membership lists, mailing lists, alumni and announcement lists, and processes such data as is needed by the Stage Manager, Librarian, and faculty advisor. The Secretary also is the default point person for making announcements to the choir at large.

Non-officer leadership roles

While not officially officer positions, being a Section Leader or Section Pianist can also be a great way to get involved, and like all officer roles, satisfy the choir points requirement.