MIKE Data Reduction [v1.6; December 2005]

MIKE Suggested Calibrations

Pre-Reduction Setup

  • mike_wrstrct :: Write the MIKE structure to disk. In IDL you can modify the values of any of the tags. You can then save the structure in fits form and rewrite the ASCII file with the routine mike_wrstrct.
        Example: IDL> mike_wrstrct, mike, FITS='mike_name.fits'
        Time : fast

  • If you exit (or crash) IDL, you will need to read the structure back in.
    mike_ar :: Read the MIKE structure from disk. If no name is given, the file looks for the first fits file starting 'mike' that contains a '_'.
        Example: IDL> mike = mike_ar()
        Example: IDL> mike = mike_ar('mike_name.fits')
        Time : fast
  • You know the code is working   right when IDL> help, mike, /str
    lists the structure.

  • Setup


    Create Bias (Zero) frames [Optional and NOT recommended]

    Set Gain

    Process Flats

    Arc Images

    Slit Profile


    Process the Image

    Identify and Trace the Object

    Sky Subtraction


    Standard Star (Optional, and recommended)

         Flux Calibration and Coadding



    2d -> 1d

    Last modified 2005-12-18

    Older code

  • mike_fittflat :: Performs a 2D fit to the traces created in the previous step. This gives the full 2D optical model for each side of the instrument. The relevant information is written in the order structure in the Flats/ directory (e.g. OStr_B_01.fits).
        Example: IDL> mike_fittflat, mike, setup, [side]
        Time : 1min