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Thomas Monz, Daniel Nigg, Esteban A. Martinez, Matthias F. Brandl, Philipp Schindler, Richard Rines, Shannon X. Wang, Isaac L. Chuang, and Rainer Blatt
Realization of a scalable Shor algorithm
Science 351(6277), 1068-1070 (2016)

Amira M. Eltony, Dorian Gangloff, Molu Shi, Alexei Bylinskii, Vladan Vuletic, and Isaac L. Chuang
Technologies for trapped-ion quantum information systems
Quantum Inf. Processes (2016)

Dorian Gangloff, Molu Shi, Tailin Wu, Alexei Bylinskii, Boris Braverman, Michael Gutierrez, Rosanna Nichols, Junru Li, Kai Aichholz, Marko Cetina, Leon Karpa, Branislav Jelenkovic, Isaac Chuang, and Vladan Vuletic
Preventing and reversing vacuum-induced optical losses in high-finesse tantalum (V) oxide mirror coatings
Opt. Express 23(14), 18014-18028 (2015)

Amira M. Eltony, Hyesung G. Park, Shannon X. Wang, Jing Kong, and Isaac L. Chuang
Motional heating in a graphene-coated ion trap
Nano Lett. 14(10), 5712-5716 (2014)

Karan K. Mehta, Amira M. Eltony, Colin D. Bruzewicz, Isaac L. Chuang, Rajeev J. Ram, Jeremy M. Sage, and John Chiaverini
Ion traps fabricated in a CMOS foundry
Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 044103 (2014)

Molu Shi, Peter F. Herskind, Michael Drewsen, and Isaac L. Chuang
Microwave quantum logic spectroscopy and control of molecular ions
New J. Phys. 15, 113019 (2013)

Amira M. Eltony, Shannon X. Wang, Gleb M. Akselrod, Peter F. Herskind, and Isaac L. Chuang
Transparent ion trap with integrated photodetector
Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 054106 (2013)

Marko Cetina, Alexei Bylinskii, Leon Karpa, Dorian Gangloff, Kristin M Beck, Yufei Ge, Matthias Scholz, Andrew T Grier, Isaac Chuang, and Vladan Vuletic
One-dimensional array of ion chains coupled to an optical cavity
New J. Phys. 15, 053001 (2013)

Shannon X. Wang, Guang Hao Low, Nathan S. Lachenmyer, Yufei Ge, Peter F. Herskind, and Isaac L. Chuang
Laser-induced charging of microfabricated ion traps
J. Appl. Phys. 110, 104901 (2011)

Peter F. Herskind, Shannon X. Wang, Molu Shi, Yufei Ge, Marko Cetina, and Isaac L. Chuang
Microfabricated surface ion trap on a high-finesse optical mirror
Opt. Lett. 36, 3045-3047 (2011)

Tony Hyun Kim, Peter F. Herskind, and Isaac L. Chuang
Surface-electrode ion trap with integrated light source
Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 214103 (2011)

Shannon X. Wang, Yufei Ge, Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Eric Dauler, Karl Berggren, and Isaac L. Chuang
Superconducting microfabricated ion traps
Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 244102 (2010)

Tony Hyun Kim, Peter F. Herskind, Taehyun Kim, Jungsang Kim, and Isaac L. Chuang
Surface-electrode point Paul trap
Phys. Rev. A 82, 043412 (2010)

Shannon X. Wang, Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Yufei Ge, Ruth Shewmon, and Isaac L. Chuang
Demonstration of a quantum logic gate in a cryogenic surface-electrode ion trap
Phys. Rev. A 81, 062332 (2010)

Andrew Benedick, Dmitry Tyurikov, Mikhail Gubin, Ruth Shewmon, Isaac Chuang, and Franz X. Kaertner
Compact, Ti:sapphire-based, methane-stabilized optical molecular frequency comb and clock
Opt. Lett., Vol. 34, 2168-2170 (2009)

D.R. Leibrandt, J. Labaziewicz, R.J. Clark, I.L. Chuang, R.J. Epstein, C. Ospelkaus, J.H. Wesenberg, J.H. Bollinger, D. Leibfried, D. Wineland, D. Stick, J. Stick, C. Monroe, C.-S. Pai, Y. Low, R. Frahm, and R.E. Slusher
Demonstration of a scalable, multiplexed ion trap for quantum information processing
Quant. Inf. Comp., vol. 9, 0910-0919 (2009)

David R. Leibrandt, Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Vladan Vuletic, Isaac L. Chuang
Cavity Sideband Cooling of a Single Trapped Ion
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 103, 103001 (2009)

Shannon X. Wang, Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Yufei Ge, Ruth Shewmon, Isaac L. Chuang
Individual Addressing of Ions Using Magnetic Field Gradients in a Surface-Electrode Ion Trap
Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 94, 094103 (2009)

Robert J. Clark, Tongyan Lin, Kenneth R. Brown, Isaac L. Chuang
A Two-Dimensional Lattice Ion Trap for Quantum Simulation
J. Appl. Phys., vol. 105, 013114 (2009)

P. B. Antohi, D. Schuster, G. M. Akselrod, J. Labaziewicz, Y. Ge, Z. Lin, W. S. Bakr, I. L. Chuang
Cryogenic Ion Trapping Systems with Surface-Electrode Traps
Rev. Sci. Inst., vol. 80, 013103 (2009)

Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Yufei Ge, David R. Leibrandt, Shannon X. Wang, Ruth Shewmon, and Isaac L. Chuang
Temperature Dependence of Electric Field Noise above Gold Surfaces
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 101, 180602 (2008)

Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Yufei Ge, Paul Antohi, David Leibrandt, Kenneth R. Brown, and Isaac L. Chuang
Suppression of Heating Rates in Cryogenic Surface-Electrode Ion Traps
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 100, 013001 (2008)

David R. Leibrandt, Bernard Yurke, and Richard Slusher
Modeling ion trap thermal noise decoherence
Quant. Inf. Comp., vol. 7, 052-072 (2007)

David R. Leibrandt, Robert J. Clark, Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Paul Antohi, Waseem Bakr, Kenneth R. Brown, and Isaac L. Chuang
Laser ablation loading of a surface-electrode ion trap
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 76, 055403 (2007)

Kenneth R. Brown, Robert J. Clark, Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Philip Richerme, David R. Leibrandt, and Isaac L. Chuang
Loading and characterization of a printed-circuit-board atomic ion trap
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 75, 15401 (2007)

Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Philip Richerme, Kenneth R. Brown, Isaac L. Chuang, and Kazuhiro Hayasaka
Compact, filtered diode laser system for precision spectroscopy
Optics Letters, vol. 32, 572 (2007)

H.B. Heersche, Z. de Groot, J.A. Folk, L.P. Kouwenhoven, H.S.J. van der Zant, A.A. Houck, J. Labaziewicz, I.L. Chuang
Kondo effect in the presence of magnetic impurities
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 96, 017205 (2006)

C. E. Pearson, D. R. Leibrandt, W. S. Bakr, W. J. Mallard, K. R. Brown, and I. L. Chuang
Experimental investigation of planar ion traps
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 73, 032307 (2006)

A.A. Houck, J. Labaziewicz, E.K. Chan, J.A. Folk, and I.L. Chuang
Kondo effect in electromigrated gold break junctions
Nano Letters, 5 1685 (2005)


Theodore J. Yoder, Ryuji Takagi, and Isaac L. Chuang
Universal Fault-Tolerant Gates on Concatenated Stabilizer Codes
Phys. Rev. X., vol. 6, 031039 (2016)

Guang Hao Low, Theodore J. Yoder, and Isaac L. Chuang
Quantum Imaging by Coherent Enhancement
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 114, 110801 (2015)

Theodore J. Yoder, Guang Hao Low, and Isaac L. Chuang
Fixed-Point Quantum Search with an Optimal Number of Queries
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 113, 210501 (2014)

Guang Hao Low, Theodore J. Yoder, and Isaac L. Chuang
Quantum inference on Bayesian networks
Phys. Rev. A, 89, 062315 (2014)

Guang Hao Low, Theodore J. Yoder, and Isaac L. Chuang
Optimal arbitrarily accurate composite pulse sequences
Phys. Rev. A, 89, 022341 (2014)

Yu-Ju Chiu, Xie Chen, Isaac L. Chuang
Fermionic Measurement-based Quantum Computation
Phys. Rev. A 87, 012305 (2013)

Christopher Chudzicki, Isaac L. Chuang, Jeffrey H. Shapiro
Deterministic and cascadable conditional phase gate for photonic qubits
Phys. Rev. A 87, 042325 (2013)

Guang Hao Low, Peter F. Herskind, and Isaac L. Chuang
Finite-geometry models of electric field noise from patch potentials in ion traps
Phys. Rev. A, 84, 053425 (2011)

Samuel A. Ocko, Xie Chen, Bei Zeng, Beni Yoshida, Zhengfeng Ji, Mary Beth Ruskai, and Isaac L. Chuang
Quantum Codes Give Counterexamples to the Unique Preimage Conjecture of the N-Representability Problem
Phys. Rev. Lett. vol. 106, 110501 (2011)

D. I. Schuster, Lev S. Bishop, I. L. Chuang, D. DeMille, and R. J. Schoelkopf
Cavity QED in a molecular ion trap
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 83, 012311 (2011)

Xie Chen, Bei Zeng, Zheng-Cheng Gu, Isaac L. Chuang, and Xiao-Gang Wen
Tensor product representation of a topological ordered phase: Necessary symmetry conditions
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 82, 165119 (2010)

Beni Yoshida and Isaac L. Chuang
Framework for classifying logical operators in stabilizer codes
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 81, 052302 (2010)

Isaac Chuang, Andrew Cross, Graeme Smith, John Smolin, and Bei Zeng
Codeword stabilized quantum codes: Algorithm and structure
J. Math. Phys. vol. 50, 042109 (2009)

Xie Chen, Bei Zeng, Zheng-Cheng Gu, Beni Yoshida, and Isaac L. Chuang
Gapped Two-Body Hamiltonian Whose Unique Ground State Is Universal for One-Way Quantum Computation
Phys. Rev. Lett, vol. 102, 220501 (2009)

Xie Chen, Bei Zeng, and Isaac L. Chuang
Nonbinary codeword-stabilized quantum codes
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 78, 062315 (2008)

Xie Chen, Hyeyoun Chung, Andrew W. Cross, Bei Zeng, and Isaac L. Chuang
Subsystem stabilizer codes cannot have a universal set of transversal gates for even one encoded qudit
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 78, 012353 (2008)

Bei Zeng, Xie Chen, and Isaac L. Chuang
Semi-Clifford operations, structure of Ck hierarchy, and gate complexity for fault-tolerant quantum computation
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 77, 042313 (2008)

Bei Zeng, Hyeyoun Chung, Andrew W. Cross, and Isaac L. Chuang
Local unitary versus local Clifford equivalence of stabilizer and graph states
Phys. Rev. A, vol. 75, 032325 (2007)

Dave Bacon, Isaac L. Chuang, and Aram W. Harrow
Efficient Quantum Circuits for Schur and Clebsch-Gordan Transforms
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 97, 170502 (2006)

Kenneth R. Brown, Robert J. Clark, Isaac L. Chuang
Limitations of quantum simulation examined by simulating a pairing hamiltonian using nuclear magnetic resonance
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 97, 050504 (2006)

T.M. Yu, K.R. Brown and I.L. Chuang
Bounds on the entanglement attainable from unitary transformed thermal states in liquid-state nuclear magnetic resonance
Phys. Rev. A, 71 032341 (2005)


DT Seaton, Y Bergner, I Chuang, P Mitros, DE Pritchard
Who does what in a massive open online course? Communications of the ACM 57 (4), 58-65 (2014)

Selected Theses

[MEng Thesis] Tony Hyun Kim (2011)
An Optical-fiber Interface to a Trapped-ion Quantum Computer

[PhD Thesis] David Leibrandt (2009)
Integrated chips and optical cavities for trapped ion quantum information processing

[PhD Thesis] Jaroslaw Labaziewicz (2008)
High Fidelity Quantum Gates with Ions in Cryogenic Microfabricated Ion Traps


K.R. Brown, A.W. Harrow, and I.L. Chuang
Arbitrarily accurate composite pulse sequences
Physical Review A, 70 052318 (2004)

K.V.R.M. Murali, H.B. Son, M. Steffen, P. Judenstein, and I.L. Chuang
Test by NMR of the phase coherence of electromagnetically induced transparency
Physical Review Letters 93 033601 (2004)

A.A.Houck, J.B. Brock, and I.L. Chuang
Experimental observations of a left-handed material that obeys Snell's law
Physical Review Letters 90 137401 (2003)

M. Steffen, W. van Dam, T. Hogg, G. Breytam and I. Chuang
Experimental implementation of an adiabatic quantum optimization algorithm
Physical Review Letters 90 067903 (2003)

S. Gulde, M. Riebe, G.P.T. Lancaster, C. Becher, J. Eschner, H. Haffner, F. Schmidt-Kaler, I.L. Chaung, and R. Blatt
Implementation of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm on an ion-trap quantum computer
Nature 421 48 (2003)

L.M.K. Vandersypen, M. Steffen, G. Breyta, C.S. Yannoni, M.H. Sherwood, and I.L. Chuang
Experimental realization of Shor's quantum factoring algorithm using nuclear magnetic resonance
Nature 414 883 (2001)

D. Gottesman, and I.L. Chuang
Demonstrating the viability of universal quantum computation using teleportation and single-qubit operations
Nature 402 390 (1999)

N.A. Gershenfeld, and I.L. Chuang
Bulk spin-resonance quantum computation
Science 275 350 (1997)

List of additional publications