Sagar Indurkhya

About me

I am a doctoral student studying Computational Linguistics with Prof. Robert C. Berwick in the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems at MIT. I am developing computational models of language acquisition within the Minimalist Framework. Prior to this I completed a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering in 2012 and a M. Eng in EECS in 2015, both from MIT. I graduated from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in 2007.


Indurkhya, S. (2015). Acquiring minimalist grammars via constraint satisfaction (M. Eng Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology). (pdf)

Colorless green ideas do sleep furiously: the necessity of grammar. Sprouse, J., Indurkhya, S., Fong, S., R.C. Berwick. NELS-46, NELS46, October 16-18. Concordia University.

Berwick, R., Indurkya, S. 2013. Language evolution is not like genomic evolution: phonemic diversity fails to detect language evolution out of Africa. Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Linguists, July, Geneva, Switzerland:International Congress of Linguists.

Indurkhya, S., & Beal, J. (2010). Reaction factoring and bipartite update graphs accelerate the Gillespie algorithm for large-scale biochemical systems. PloS one, 5(1), e8125. (pdf)

Reza, F., Chandran, K., Feltz, M., Heinz, A., Josephs, E., O'Brien, P., Van Dyke, B., Chung, H., Indurkhya, S., Lakhani, N. and Lee, J., 2007. Engineering novel synthetic biological systems. IET Synthetic Biology, 1(1), pp.48-52.

Teaching Assistantships (at MIT)

6.s083 - Language and Computation - Fall 2015 - taught by Prof. Robert C. Berwick.

6.049 - Computational Evolutionary Biology - Spring 2016 - taught by Profs. David Bartel and Robert C. Berwick.

6.878 - Advanced Computational Biology - Fall 2016 - taught by Prof. Manolis Kellis.

6.046 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Spring 2017 - taught by Profs. Debayan Gupta, Aleksander Madry, and Bruce Tidor.


If you would like a copy of my CV, please contact me via email.


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Last updated: May 15, 2017.