18.917 Topics in Algebraic Topology Spring 2020

  • Lecture: MW 9:30-11:00 (2-146)
  • Class will resume by zoom at the regularly scheduled times, Monday and Wednesday EST. There will be zoom office hours immediately following class time. Lectures will also be posted to the zoom cloud. The zoom meeting id will be 836-833-726
  • Prerequisites: 18.906 or approval of registrar
  • Instructor: Jeremy Hahn

  • Course Description | Office Hours | Lecture Notes

    Course Description

    This will be a survey course of topics in Higher Algebra, or algebra over the sphere spectrum. We will begin by discussing modern proofs of various Nilpotence Theorems in algebraic topology. Eventually, we will aim to discuss recent work in algebraic K-theory and topological cyclic homology.

    There will be no final exam. Students taking this course for credit will need to submit a final paper by the last day of class.

    Office Hours

    By appointment, or immediately after class in the classroom or my office 2-180

    Lecture Notes

    Notes Dylan's Notes