FIRE is a dual-mode infrared (IR) spectrometer designed for operation at the Magellan telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile. Its primary mode employs a combination of a diffraction grating and four prisms to deliver cross-dispersed spectra covering the whole near-IR bandpass in a single exposure, with wavelength resolution of R = Dl / l = 6000.

FIRE also offers a low dispersion mode, where the diffraction grating is replaced by a mirror to yield R~1200 spectra dispersed solely by prisms.

The design incorporates a large-format, 2K x 2K pixel IR focal plane array. The optics and detector will be enclosed together in a 77K vacuum cryogenic dewar, which will be cooled by a closed cycle helium refrigerator.

FIRE's design has been kept compact, and it is geared toward minimal mechanical and thermal engineering complexity.

Magellan Telescopes at

The Magellan Telescopes at
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