FIRE is a dual-mode 0.8-2.5 micron echelle spectrometer, which employs a HAWAII-2RG infrared focal plane array. It utilizes a 30" x 20" vacuum cryostat to maintain approximately 100 pounds of optics and opto-mechanical mounts to an operating temperature of 100K.

FIRE's optical layout consists of several modular subsystems:

  • A pre-slit Offner relay to baffle thermal emission from the telescope
  • An off-axis paraboloidal collimator
  • A network of two ZnSe and two Fused Silica cross-dispersion prisms
  • A Grating/mirror turret
  • 3-element refracting spectrograph camera
  • HAWAII-2RG focal plane array
  • Infrared slit-viewing acquisition camera

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