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This document describes how to install a new version of Mozilla Thunderbird into the thunderbird locker so that it works with the current setup.

Installation Procedure

To install:

  1. The directory for each architecture contains a directory named versions, i.e. /mit/thunderbird/arch/i386_linux24/versions/. Move your new Thunderbird binary directory into this location. Note that the directory name must be the same as the binary's version number for the scripts to work. Example:
    athena% mv thunderbird /mit/thunderbird/arch/i386_linux24/versions/1.0.6
    If you begin the name with a ".", it will not be listed when users pass the --listver option to the Thunderbird launcher script

  2. Run the /mit/thunderbird/arch/share/bin/tools/ script. Example:
    athena% ./

  3. You're done!

Current Versions

The version of the application the launcher scripts run by default is determined by the current symlink in the /mit/thunderbird/arch/$ATHENA_SYS/versions/ directories (mentioned in step 2 above). This symlink must point to one of the other symlinks in the same directory for the launcher script to function correctly. DO NOT change this symlink unless:

  1. The same version number of the application is installed for all supported platforms.

  2. You have actually tested and verified that the version you want to make current is functioning properly on all supported architectures.

If you are in doubt, ask!

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