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The goal of the Thunderbird script is to simplify execution of the binaries and aid in the testing of new installations.

The script is based on the IS script used to launch the Mozilla Suite (SeaMonkey).


The Thunderbird launcher script is:
Launches Mozilla Thunderbird. AFS location: /mit/thunderbird/arch/share/bin/

Both scripts automatically create the execution environment. This includes setting the paths to needed libraries and plugins. Necessary lockers are attached.

As with Mozilla, the user's profile is checked to see whether it is locked. If so, the user is presented with a dialog asking them what to do.

If Thunderbird is already running, the script will attempt to open a new window. Otherwise, the binary will be executed.

Testing & Versions

Binary Directories

The scripts require a particular directory structure in order to find the binaries to run. Specifically, binary directories must be placed under: /mit/thunderbird/arch/$ATHENA_SYS/versions/ (which may be a symlink to another location). Versions may be specified by passing either of the following options as the first argument to the script. If no argument is specified the current version (pointed to by the current symlink) is run.

Lists the versions of Mozilla Thunderbird that are availible for your particular hardware platform. This lists everything in the /mit/thunderbird/arch/$ATHENA_SYS/versions/ directory which is not prefixed by a '.'
--runver <version>
Runs the specified version of Mozilla Thunderbird. If the specified version is invalid, the script exits with an error.

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