Burt Rutan's White Knight and SpaceShip One, Photo Courtesy of Scaled Composites
Thermodynamics and Propulsion

Acknowledgement from 16.05 Notes

Preparation of these notes has benefited greatly from the expertise of a number of individuals, and we are pleased to acknowledge this help. The successive graduate and undergraduate Teaching Assistants in this core department course, Jessica Townsend, Vincent Blateau, Isabel Pauwels, David Milanes, Doug Quattrochi, Nick Chan and Julia Thrower provided ideas, corrected errors, inserted ``Muddy Points,'' supplied the index, and in general, created a much more readable document. We are greatly indebted to Doug Quattrochi for his tremendous support and invaluable help throughout this course, and for typesetting and editing the document in LATEX. Any errors that remain, or lack of readability, are thus the sole responsibility of the authors. We also appreciate the work of Diana Park and Robin Palazzolo, who helped editing the graphics. Finally, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to discuss some of the material with Professor Frank Marble of Caltech, whose understanding, insight, and ability to describe thermofluids concepts provide a model of how to address important technical problems.