Hello, and welcome to 2.00b!

Lectures no more. Stay tuned for playsentation updates!

Lecture 19: story time (replay in-person lecture)
Storyboards from lecture are in the team portfolios! (click on a team logo)

Lecture 18: the finish (video lecture, 15 minutes)

Previous classes are archived on the lectures page. To look ahead, check out the syllabus (last updated 4/27).

Labs Week of May 9 (in-person)

Lab 11:
Last lab! Finish up prototypes and polish your presentations.

See the lab room schedule for the classroom you will be in for your lab.

Things to-do

by Mon Each team should sign up for a 20-minute presentation consultation on Mon, Tue or Wed. The consultation is in lieu of lectures this week.

Presentation Consultation Schedule, in 3-370
4:00 PM: Ostrich
4:20 PM: Crocodile
4:40 PM: Camel
5:00 PM: Panda
this week Extra office hours in lab to work on your prototype. Please signup.