Hello, and welcome to 2.00b!

Lectures no more. Stay tuned for playsentation updates!

Lecture 19: story time (replay in-person lecture)
Storyboards from lecture are in the team portfolios! (click on a team logo)

Lecture 18: the finish (video lecture, 15 minutes)

Previous classes are archived on the lectures page. To look ahead, check out the syllabus (last updated 4/27).

Labs Week of May 2 (in-person)

Lab 10:
It's proto-time! It's the second last lab before the playsentations on May 17!

See the lab room schedule for the classroom you will be in for your lab.

Things to-do

Fri Attend your team's video shoot for your playsentation introduction. All team members and instructors and mentors should be present. And please don't wear green, don't wear green, don't wear green!

Thursday, 5 PM: Llama

Friday Schedule
9:00 AMMoose
9:30 AMLobster
10:00 AMMeerkat
10:30 AMTiger
this week Extra office hours in lab to work on your prototype. Please signup. There are hours through the weekend on the signup form.