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Infinite Fraternity: The Music of Charles Fussel and Virgil Thomson

Saturday, May 12, 2012. 8pm, Kresge Auditorium

Dr. William Cutter, conductor
Joseph Turbessi, assistant conductor and pianist


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Charles Fussell: From “Mists” (Three poems of Hart Crane)
  1. March (mp3, flac)
  2. October-November (mp3, flac)
    • Lauren Burke, soprano
Charles Fussell: Infinite Fraternity (texts by Will Graham) (mp3, flac)
  • David Rolnick, baritone
  • Bethanne Walker, flute
  • Brian Sherwood, viola
Virgil Thomson: From “Five Songs of William Blake”
  1. The Divine Image (mp3, flac)
    • Elizabeth George, soprano
  2. Tiger! Tiger! (mp3, flac)
    • (Men’s Chorus)
  3. And did those feet (mp3, flac)
    • Elizabeth George, soprano
Charles Fussell: The Gift (mp3, flac)
  • Betsy Flowers, soprano
Virgil Thomson: From “Southern Hymns”
  1. How Bright is the Day! (mp3, flac)
    • Julia Berk, soprano
    • Aubrey Colter, alto
    • Victor Morales, tenor
    • Troy Welton, bass
  2. Mississippi (When Gabriel’s Awful Trump Shall Sound (mp3, flac)
  3. My shepherd will supply my need (Issac Watts) (mp3, flac)
    • Elizabeth Attaway, soprano
    • Kate Krontiris, soprano
    • Elizabeth Qian, alto
  4. Death of General Washington (What Solemn Sounds the Ear Invade?) (mp3, flac)
Charles Fussell: From “A Pioneer Songbook”
  1. Spanish Johnny (A ballad) (mp3, flac)
  2. All the pretty little horses (A lullaby) (mp3, flac)
  3. Billy the Kid (A ballad) (mp3, flac)
  4. Few days (A hymn) (mp3, flac)
Virgil Thomson: Dance in Praise (mp3, flac)

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