6.031 — Software Construction
Fall 2020

6.031: Software Construction

Fall 2020 · Course Staff · MWF11-12:30


Wed Sep 23: Problem Set 1 code review open, due Friday 11am

Problem Set 1 code reviewing is now open. Go to Caesar to find your reviewing assignments. You’ll have 10 files to review, including 1 practice review.

Please see the Code Reviewing page for guidelines and instructions. Remember that your classmates are people like you who are trying hard like you. Be nice.

Code reviews are due on Friday morning.

Fri Sep 18: Problem Set 0 grades

Overall ps0 grades and grade reports are now available on Omnivore.

To see your beta autograde report, go to Didit, follow the link to your psets/ps0 page, and click “beta milestone.”

Your manual grade was assigned by staff inspection of your personal art code and your response to code reviews.

If you have questions, please see the FAQ about grading questions.

If you did not submit a reflection, you must do that before your grades are made available (Omnivore will give you a link to the reflection page).

Mon Sep 14: Problem Set 1

Problem Set 1 is now available. The ps1 alpha deadline is next Monday at 10pm MIT time.

After you wrap up ps0 (due tonight), please fill out the required Problem Set 0 reflection, which asks a few questions about how you worked on ps0. It should take only a minute to fill out, and is due by Thursday at 10pm.

Fri Sep 11: Problem Set 0 alpha reports

Alpha grade reports and code reviews for ps0 are now available.

That page includes links to your alpha autograde report on Didit and your code reviews on Caesar (which you can also find by going to Didit or Caesar directly).

In autograding, your submission was tested both by the public tests that were shown to you and by hidden tests. If you failed any hidden tests, you’ll see the name of the test that failed and a stack trace of where it failed. The test case inputs or code will not be revealed to you, either by Didit or by staff. The hidden tests are like bug reports from users in the field, where you get a rough idea of what the user was trying to do (the test name) and a stack trace of where the failure occurred. You need to figure out what’s wrong with your code from those clues.

You should revise ps0 for the beta deadline on Monday at 10pm. You can take slack on this deadline using Caesar.

Your revised version of ps0 should fix any bugs found by the hidden tests, and you must address code review comments. In particular, you must eliminate all magic numbers from your solution. See the addendum about addressing ps0 code review comments for more information.

You can also see the problem set handout for a breakdown of approximately how your overall ps0 grade will be calculated.

Good luck! Please ask questions on Piazza and visit lab or office hours.

Thu Sep 10: Class 4 on Whoosh (+ Zoom)

For class tomorrow, Friday at 11am MIT time, we’re going to try and run everything in the Whoosh 6.031 room.

But if the video stops flowing, please go to the backup Zoom room.

Whoosh now has volume controls for instructor audio and group audio, in case you need to adjust the balance. If you were still having technical difficulties in class on Wednesday, please visit the 6.031 room tomorrow 9:30-10:30am MIT time before class. At the moment, only desktop Chrome (or other Chromium-family browser) will work without issues. Please note that Chrome on an iPad is really Safari under the hood and will still be glitchy. Your bug reports at github.mit.edu/6031/whoosh are much appreciated.