6.031 — Software Construction
Fall 2020

6.031: Software Construction

Fall 2020 · Course Staff · MWF11-12:30


Fri Oct 30: Problem Set 3 alpha reports

Alpha grade reports and code reviews for ps3 are now available.

As before, that page includes links to your alpha autograde report on Didit and your code reviews on Caesar (which you can also find by going to Didit or Caesar directly).

In autograding, your Expression type and Commands methods were tested against staff tests.

In manual grading, staff looked at your Expression datatype definition, the specs of some Expression operations, and the implementation of one variant. As you revise, try to both address their comments directly and generalize the feedback to improve your other specs and implementations.

The ps3 beta deadline is Monday at 10pm MIT time. Make sure you address all your code review comments from humans or marked #important by Checkstyle. If you need a slack day, remember to request it on Caesar.

Please ask questions on Piazza and visit lab or office hours.

Wed Oct 28: Problem Set 3 code review open, due Friday 11am

Problem Set 3 code reviewing is now open. Go to Caesar to find your reviewing assignments. You’ll have 6 files to review, including 1 practice review.

Remember that your classmates are people like you who are trying hard like you. Be nice.

Code reviews are due on Friday morning.

Tue Oct 20: Quiz 1 grades

Quiz 1 grades are now available on Omnivore.

You can review your graded quiz on Gradescope. You will receive an email from Gradescope, and if you haven’t used it in another class, the email will explain how to log in.

The Gradescope view is confusing because it appears to have 9 problems!

  • For problems 2, 3, and 5, the first part of each problem for each quiz taker was chosen at random, and our quiz system could only do that by having duplicated text and incrementing the problem number each time. (Problem 4 also has a random choice, but in the last part of the problem.)
  • Problem 3 is especially confusing: in order to grade the random options separately but keep the quiz total at 100 points, some parts appear to be worth 0 points! If you do the addition, you should find that everything works out.

Quiz 1 solutions are posted on the web site. (The solutions PDF is edited to include all the possible questions without the confusing problem numbering.)

As with all assignments, please bring grading issues or questions to instructor office hours. Gradescope has a “regrade request” feature, but we are not using it.

Mon Oct 19: Problem Set 3

Problem Set 3 is now available. The ps3 alpha deadline is Monday, October 26, at 10pm MIT time, and the usual slack day rules apply.

Sun Oct 18: Quiz 1 tomorrow

Quiz 1 will be tomorrow (Monday), 11:05-11:55am MIT time, at quiz.mit.edu/quiz1.

As announced previously, the quiz is open-book: you may access any 6.031 or other resources, but you may not communicate with anyone except the course staff.

During the quiz, if you want to ask a clarification question, visit whoosh.mit.edu/6.031 and click “raise hand” to talk to a staff member.

Good luck!