Spring 2010

Preparation for Quiz 1

Quiz 1 is at 2pm on Friday March 5, and will last 50 minutes.

The quiz will cover all the material up to and including Recitation 8. The quiz will be "open book." That means you can bring along any printed or written materials that you think might be useful. Calculators are allowed, though typically not necessary; cell phones, laptops, and PDAs are off limits. 6.033 quizzes typically begin with half a dozen or so independent questions that focus on material in the readings followed by one or two longer, multi-part questions that deal with concepts of computer systems covered in the notes and lecture. The quiz will be, at least in part, multiple choice.

Warning: the lectures touch on only a modest subset of the totality of 6.033 concepts. Anything in the class notes assigned prior to LEC9 may show up on the quiz.

You can find old quiz questions to practice on in the Problem Sets section of the class notes. Although there has been a little rearrangement of material over the years, you should be able to answer most questions relevant to the subjects we have covered.

Old quizzes:

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