Spring 2010

Tutorial and Recitation Section Assignments

Look up your Recitation Assignment.

Tuesday and Thursday Recitation Rooms

Recitation Section Time Location Recitation Instructor TA
R01 TR10 34-303 Lampson Kushman
R02 TR11 34-303 Jones Rieb
R03 TR11 34-304 Rudolph Kushman
R04 TR12 34-304 Rudolph Rieb
R05 TR1 34-303 Gifford Post
R06 TR1 34-304 Jones Spicer
R07 TR2 34-303 Gifford Spicer
R08 TR2 34-304 Lampson Post

Friday Sections and Writing Program Lectures

You may attend either lecture, F1 or F2, with the writing program lecturer corresponding to your instructor (for example, if your instructor is Lampson, attend either of Caulfield's sections).

Time Class Instructor Writing Instructor Location
F1 or F2Dave GiffordRubio/Siska36-153
Evan JonesUnger34-304
Butler LampsonCaulfield26-210
Larry RudolphMiller24-402

TA Time Location
Nate Kushman F1-3 26-210
Karl Rieb F1-3 24-402
Chris Post F1-3 36-153
Alexander Spicer F1-3 34-304

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