6.813/6.831 — User Interface Design & Implementation
Spring 2018

GR5: Implementation

Due by demonstration to your TA, as scheduled by her/him, during the week of Monday, May 7, 2018. A brief report is due at 11:59pm Monday, May 7, 2018.
Submit your individual self-assessment (one per group member) after your meeting.

You will present a status update about your implementation during studio on Friday, April 27, 2018. Using slides or other visuals, each of you must present a portion of your checkpoint.

In this group assignment, you will build a working implementation of your term project.

What you'll do

By the deadline, your implementation should be complete in the sense that you are ready to test users on the tasks you used for your paper prototype. Your implementation should have a fully functional frontend, with live user interactions. However, your implementation *cannot* have a server-side component. You can use hardcoded responses, browser-level storage (e.g., cookies or HTML5 local storage), or data APIs (e.g., Firebase), but cannot have your own backend (e.g., Django backend, Rails backend, or MySQL). A complete backend is beyond the scope of this class, and we strongly encourage everyone to gain a frontend UI implementation experience.

In your studio status update, you should cover what the heuristic evaluations (PS5) of your project covered, and how you plan to address those criticisms in your implementation.

For your project report, only a brief entry is required for this assignment. Your group will sign up for an appointment to demonstrate your implementation to the teaching staff on the due date. You will have a 15-minute time slot. Within this time, you will have to:

  • brief us about your application's purpose and user population
  • take us on a guided tour of the interface
  • let us try the interface for ourselves
  • answer our questions about your design decisions and development process

Demonstrations will take place as scheduled by your TA. You should bring your own laptop. Take notes during the discussion of your presentation and put the important ones in your report.


Google Doc Project Report. Your report should include a URL of your working project, and an indication of the browser/OS combination expected. Each member of your group should briefly indicate what parts of the prototype they contributed. Also describe the feedback you got in your studio sessions, and how you will incorporate it into your project.

Studio presentation. You must prepare a Google Slides slideshow to present this work in studio. Present updates about implementation progress in studio. You can find example slides here. Send the link to your mentor by 12pm (noon) on Friday.

Working implementation demo.

Self-assessment form. Complete your individual self-assessment forms by the deadline.