6.813/6.831 — User Interface Design & Implementation
Spring 2018

6.813/6.831: User Interface Design & Implementation

Spring 2018 · Course Staff · MWF1 (34-101)


Wed May 16: Wednesday Madness

Great job with your demos! We are super impressed with all your progress this term. There is no class next Monday: work on GR6!

Next Wednesday’s final class will be devoted to lightning-fast “madness” presentations of your projects. Please prepare a 45-second (no more!) video showcasing your project. The video must be uploaded to Youtube. You may choose narrate it live in class, or include narration in the video.

Once you’ve created the presentation material, please put a link to it on this signup page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pt1N8JSOy78VvwgjC0yRxRdPHKP9ro5U5kGszpJEstk/edit#gid=0

For inspiration, you can watch

30-second video previews from CHI 2018,

the premier HCI conference.

There will be awards at the end, so get excited!

Mon May 7: GR6 Released

GR6 is released and due Wednesday, May 16.

Mon April 30: AS3 and RS3 Released

AS3 for 6.831M students and RS3 for 6.831D students has been released. They are each due the evening of Friday 5/11. Remember - this is only if you are enrolled in 6.831, not 6.813!

Thu April 19: GR5 and PS5 Released

GR5 is released and due to demo to your TA on the week of May 7. There will be a status update presentation in studio on Friday, April 27.

PS5 is also released. Please verify the prototype your assigned works by this Sunday, April 22. The pset is due in two stages, one on Wednesday, April 25 and one on Sunday, April 29.

Mon April 2: GR4 Released

GR4 is released and due in studio Friday, April 20. The report is due Sunday, April 22.

Sun April 1: AS1 and RS1 Released

AS1 for 6.831M students and RS1 for 6.831D students has been released. They are each due the evening of Friday 4/13. Remember - this is only if you are enrolled in 6.831, not 6.813!

Wed March 21: PS4 released

The third programming problem set, PS4, can now be found on the website. It is due Wednesday, April 4 at 11:59pm.

Mon March 12: GR3 released

GR2 is released and due in studio on Friday, March 23. Your writeup is due on Sunday, April 1. There will be a build session in studio this Friday, March 16.

Wed March 7: Problem Set 3 released

The second programming problem set, PS3, can now be found on the website. It is due next Wednesday at 11:59pm.

Mon March 5: GR2 released

GR2 is released and due in studio on Friday, March 9. Your writeup is due on Sunday, March 11.

As usual, each group will use the same Google Doc for all GR1-6 writeups. The link to the master doc with all group pages is now on the front page under Group Projects. An MIT certificate is required for access.

Mon Feb 19: Problem Set 2 Clarifications

Here are some clarifications about problem set 2. The board should be 400 pixels, but due to a conflict in the description, we will accept solutions with 320 pixels, or 399 or 401 pixels. Some minor creativity on top of the requirements is okay (such as font, text color, etc). And finally, we highly suggest creating your board cells via Javascript (as suggested in the assignment), because it will be a requirement in future problem sets.

Fri Feb 16: Third lab info, lab slides

As discussed yesterday and today in the lecture, there will be a third lab. It will be held in 26-152 (just like the first two) at 7pm-9pm on Tuesday, Feb 20th. Many of the things that you will need for PS2 will be covered in today’s lab, but Tuesday’s lab will go into more depth about JS as a language, will will be particularly useful for the more JS-heavy PS3-4.

As mentioned on the website, the slides from the first two labs are here. Use the arrow keys to navigate. They should work in (updated) Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but we recommend Chrome, since that’s what was used in the lab and any note about dev tools refers to Chrome dev tools. If “Open in new tab” doesn’t work (some people seem to have popup blocker conflicts), right click, copy link address and paste it in a new tab. Many slides were live coded, so the code in the slides is actually the starting point. However, there are notes of what was covered in that part of the lecture in the bottom left or the top right (when there’s content in the bottom left), with links to resources and documentation.

Wed Feb 14: PS2 & GR1 announced, Office hours, Web Dev Labs

The first programming problem set, PS2, can now be found on the website. It’s due next Wednesday at 11:59pm.

It’s also time to look for a group project team and propose your project idea. The GR1 assignment is on the website and describes the requirements of the project and your group. The first part of GR1 – submitting your project idea and group members – is due next Tuesday at 11:59pm.

If you need help finding group members, Piazza has a “Search for Teammates” post that you can use.

The Web Development labs are tomorrow and Friday evening at 7:30-9:30pm in 26-152 (Teal). You can find a tentative list of what will be covered in the labs page. Since there is a lot to cover, we will start promptly at 7:30. Based on your responses in the signup form, it looks like we will be at capacity, so if you plan to come and haven’t filled in the form, please do so ASAP while there’s still time to get another room. If you originally planned to come and your plans changed, please update your response or email us. To get the most out of the lab, bring a laptop. Phones or tablets will not be sufficient.

Finally, the TA office hours are Tu 3-6, W 2-5, and Th 2-5 in 32-G5 lounge. The instructor office hours have also been announced on the website and start tomorrow.