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Basic Pro-Life Premises and Conclusions

Premise: All innocent humans have basic human rights.
Premise: The right to life is a basic human right.
Premise: Fetuses and the terminally ill are innocent; they have done nothing to deserve death.
Premise: Fetuses and the terminally ill are humans; they are not cats, dogs, fish, etc.

Conclusion: Fetuses and the terminally ill are innocent humans, and therefore have the right to life!

Abortion: Answers to some of the tough questions paraphrased from

1. Is a fetus a human?

Much information is available as to what features of the human develop after how many days, but the DNA seems the clearest indication that the fetus is human. At conception, the fetus has its own unique set of DNA, and if analyzed one could determine whether the fetus is male or female, what color eyes he/she will have, and all other genetic characteristics. The fetus' DNA is human DNA, and it is present at conception.

Euthanasia: Quick Pros and Cons from


1. Relieves extreme pain
2. Provides a way out when a person's quality of life is low
3. Frees up medical funds to help other peole
4. Freedom of choice


1. Devalues human life
2. Is a means of health care cost containment
3. Makes physicians and medical care people responsible for directly causing death.
4. Causes the "slippery slope" effect where voluntary euthanasia eventually could become involuntary