Alya Asarina

e-mail: alya at mit dot edu
AIM SN: Alya3
Google Talk: alevtina

my academic homepage

Pictures: Pictures from various trips are here and here.

Cafes: I've made some notes on cafes around Cambridge (and Somerville) as places to get work done.

Poetry: In the spring of 2006, I taught a class on Poetry in Translation. It's now on MIT's OCW.

Activities (past and present):

ASA Executive Board ('07-'08)
ASL class
Assassins' Guild
Bridge (at MIT, Harvard,...)
Freefall (D&D run) ('05-'10)
Harvard-MIT Math Tournament
MIT Mystery Hunt
Tech Squares
West Coast Swing

Favorite word: бръмбар -- beetle (Bulgarian)

Favorite sentence: Bababa ba baba mo? -- Is your chin lowering? (Tagalog)