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Finally updated (27 December 2010)!! More updates after the next trip.

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In July 2010 we took a nice trip to Northern Italy and spent some time at Lago Maggiore then the Cinque Terre and Genova. [see more]
Frosty Leaves
I've been trying out a little wildlife and nature photography in the area. See if you can identify what lives around our here! [see more]
Large Ground Finch
In July 2009 we took a wonderful family vacation to the Galápagos Islands followed by some time exploring Quito, the highlands and the rainforest areas to the west! [see more]
Boston Fireworks
Boston always puts on a great fireworks show. Here are some of my photos from the 2009 extravaganza! [see more]
Great Smoky Mountains

In April 2009, we visited Tennessee and checked out the spring flowers in the Smokies! [see more]


Allagash Trip
We took a week long trip on the Allagash River at the end of the summer in 2008.[see more]


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