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Basically I am willing to try just about any outdoor activity, but sadly, there's never enough time to keep up with all of them all of the time (or I can't convince my wife and kids to join in.... ). Here are some things that I have been enjoying in the last few years:


I used to mountain bike a lot in California but now it's just commuting to work and the occasional ride through the western suburbs. It made a big difference to get myself a speedy road bike (Giant TCR2 via eBay - really!) I like to follow the grand Tours in Europe and check on the success of the US Postal Team. In 1999 and 2000 I was lucky enough to be in France in July to see Lance Armstrong's success in person - Number 6! Wow! ....Dang, those roadies ride fast....

Tour De France
La Vuelta Espana
Giro d'Italia

You get pretty good coverage on the internet from VeloNews or CyclingNews



I am a big soccer nut (ask my wife!) and still enjoy a game on the weekends. I am currently playing on the Natick FC o-30s team (D2) in the Over-the-Hill Soccer league (appropriate in my case!). I've even managed to get my daughter Kira and son Erik playing youth soccer. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten my wife back out onto the field. In between games, I also enjoy following the fortunes of various teams:

Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur (English Premiership) - After years of futility and the odd trophy, Spurs have finally gotten some mojo with Harry Redknapp in charge. What an exciting run in the Champion's league in 2010! Hopefully they can do something noteworthy in the Europa Cup this year....
New England Revolution (MLS) - Alas the team seems to have hit hard times ever since Clint Dempsey moved on to bigger and better things....
US National Teams - Trying to maintain some respect again after the good showing in the Men's 2010 WC - This is the year (2011) for the women's team to shine again...




I used to be a backpacker when I was growing up near the Smoky Mtns, but since I married into a canoeing family, I've spent more time on the water than on the trails. Highlight trips include a two-week family adventure in Quetico Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) and a week doing the 100-mile Wilderness Waterway in the Everglades with my father-in-law. Our most recent trip was on the Allagash River in Maine in August 2008.

Easy paddling
Round Pond Sunset
Maine's Finest
Paddling down the Allagash
Early morning paddle
Walleye for dinner!
Pro campers
On the lakes of Quetico
Harney River Chickee
Highland Beach at Sunset
Dick Baker
Some of the sights from our Everglades trip. Most of these photos are by my father-in-law, Richard Baker (except his picture and the top three on the Allagash).
Scarlet Ibis
river cliffs
Algonquin Provincial Park


Last update: Sept 2008

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