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Scenario 1: Harassment


Prof. X is notorious for being hard on graduate students, being very critical of their work and keeping them working for two years more than average for a PhD. in the department.  One day you happen to witness a scene where Prof. X is berating a grad student, Chris, whom you know slightly.  The professor’s voice was loud, regardless of the presence of several onlookers, including yourself, and the comments about the student were scathing.  Chris was visibly shaken and humiliated.  At the end of the tirade Prof. X stormed out and went into the office next door.  You believe this isn’t the first and won’t be the last time this happens.

You can...

Stay out of it
Put your arm around Chris’s shoulders and offer consolation.
Get the others to vote
Stay out of it. You don’t know this student well and feel it’s not your business.
Ask to talk
Follow Prof. X. into the office and express concern about the student.
Get the others to vote
Think about it for a day or two and in a quiet moment approach Prof. X.
Ask to talk
Find a time the next day to talk to the Chair of the department.


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