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Scenario 2: DisheS


Six of you share a microwave and small refrigerator. Messie cooks her own lunch every day and leaves a mess. Her idea of cleaning up is to put a half-eaten plate of food in the refrigerator, not wrapped up. It stays there getting more and more disgusting until someone else throws it out and washes the plate. Messie never washes a dish or throws out her trash. When another person once complained to Messie, she got very mad. You and the others are getting more and more annoyed.

You can...

Stay out of it
Stay out of it. Talking to her will just make it worse.
Get the others to vote
Get all the others to vote and deliver an ultimatum to Messie that if she doesn’t stop leaving a mess, you will throw all her food out every day.
Ask to talk
Ask Messie to talk, and explain that while she may not see the dirty dish and food wrappers on the counter and unwrapped plate in the refrigerator as a mess, others do.


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