Glen E. Alliger

Glen was a graduate student in the Cummins group; he was co-advised by Professor Daniel G. Nocera and initiated a collaborative ligand-design project. Glen graduated from MIT with his Ph.D. in Spring of 2010 and went on to postdoctoral studies at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

During his Ph.D. studies, Glen made great strides in the synthesis of hexacarboxamide cryptand ligands capable of binding a pair of metal ions in trigonal-pyramidal coordination geometry. In this configuration, the ligand architecture enforces a focusing of both metals' open coordination site into the central pocket of the cryptand. Glen developed methods to insert a variety of divalent 3d metal ions into this hexaanionic scaffold, with the aim of studying O—O bond activation and/or formation chemistry.

Glen was an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University where he carried out research in the lab of John D. Protasiewicz.

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