Club Mission

Our club mission is to develop our skills, master our team plays, and work together in practices and games as a competitive team for which success is measured by the quality and improvement of our play.

In order to achieve our mission, any event that uses the team name and uniforms must be open to all members of the team.

There following expectations of club participants help support our club mission:

Expectations of Players

  • Dedication to being a member of the MIT club hockey team.
  • Commitment to working together and succeeding as a team.
  • Arrive at the rink with ample time to dress and prepare for practices and games, letting captains know beforehand if unable to arrive on time.
  • Provide support to teammates.
  • Respond promptly to any email asking for availabilities for games or practices.
  • Demonstrate respect for coaches and teammates.
  • Pay attention during practices - no talking while the coaches are talking.
  • No negativity towards teammates on the bench during games, or in practices.
  • No coaching of teammates. If there's an issue that needs to be mentioned, talk to one of the coaches or captains.
  • In order to play in a game, a player must have attended at least one practice in the week prior to the game. Exceptions can be made, at the coaches discretion, for the most challenging games.
  • Keep shifts during a game between 30 seconds and one minute.
  • Push yourself during practices - try new things, skate a little faster.
  • Pay dues in a timely manner.

Expectations of Captains

  • Meet all requirements for remaining an active club sport in good standing.
  • Lead recruitment efforts particularly at the beginning of the season, but also throughout the year.
  • Make sure that new recruits are becoming part of the team.
  • Coordinate between the team and coaches for practice and game rosters and activities.
  • Schedule approximately 15 games for the season at appropriate skill levels.
  • Assist coaches with running practices smoothly, providing a good example to the team at all times.
  • Get availabilities from teammates for games and forward to coach no later than five days before the game.
  • Act as liason to the referees and opposing team during games.
  • Keep team game jerseys, wash in between uses, and have them available at the rink at least twenty minutes before the start of warmups.
  • Coordinate team events to raise morale and team spirit.
  • Assist all players in addressing any concerns raised.
  • Provide a formal method for getting feedback from the team on a regular basis, addressing issues raised and reporting solutions back to the team.
  • Enforce the standards agreed to by the team in terms of player conduct.
  • Work with the Club Sports Council to keep dues low.

Expectations of Coaches

  • Be on time to practice, with a sequence of drills planned appropriate for the participants.
  • Provide feedback to players on a regular basis, both on individual skills as well as plays and teamwork.
  • Provide rosters for each game as soon as possible, but no later than two days before the game.
  • Enforce the standards agreed to by the team in terms of player conduct.
  • Arrive at games at least 10 minutes prior to warmups to go over team strategy.
  • In key situations in competitive games (e.g. overtime, one-goal differential at the end of the third period) select players to go on the ice to give us the best chance of winning.

Acceptable Ways to Enforce this Charter:

  • Verbal warning
  • Sprints / pushups
  • Benching for a shift
  • Benching for a period
  • Not on the roster for an upcoming games


The Women's Ice Hockey Club team is a member of MIT's Association of Student Activities (ASA). The constitution details information about the team purpose, membership, officers, meetings, etc.