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Chemistry Demonstrations Community Outreach Program

Our magic shows are geared for a young audience, with the goal of inspiring an interest in chemistry and science in general through up-close and personal encounters with some unbelievable but true chemical phenomena. The shows feature flashy, colorful chemical demonstrations, with a focus on reactions students encounter in everyday life. Our targets are elementary schools, middle schools, and community youth programs.

The show typically runs for 1 hour. We serve the schools within 10 miles of MIT.

For more information, please email us at To request a magic show, please click this link to fill out a request form on the MIT Department of Chemistry website.


Praise for ClubChem:

“Students at the Belmont After School Enrichment Collaborative in Belmont, MA were treated with a special science show by visitors from MIT. Tuang and Kayvon brought a lot of energy and excitement to the presentation and effectively explained the demonstrations and the science behind it. Some students were even able to do the experiments themselves! A true testament to the students’ interest and engagement was the group that remained following the presentation to ask questions to get extra tips about doing experiments themselves at home.”
—Andrew Mountford, BASEC director
“Having ClubChem perform a Magic Show at this year’s Science Extravaganza definitely made the event more effective in getting the students more interested in science. The students really enjoyed the fun experiments and learned a lot about chemistry at the same time. Thank you ClubChem for all your help and we will definitely keep in contact for future events!”
—Roseannie Langomas, MAES executive
“In 11 years of teaching, that might have been the BEST field trip I have ever been on. I am serious. Thank you so much. You and your team made it memorable for my students. Your energy and enthusiasm certainly encouraged my students to learn about science today. On the bus ride home, one boy (Bryan) said, “I felt like an engineer.” And Francisco told me that he has decided that MIT is where he wants to go to school. What a powerful impact you all had on the lives and futures of my students. Those kids are my life, and when someone else invests in them, it means the world to me.”
—Ellen Latham, kids’ teacher
“It was a wonderful experience seeing MIT students bring the excitement of science to these children. I hope it inspires them to pursue science in the same way that we as MIT students all have.”
—LuRae Dycus, Camp Kesem Coordinator

Have you ever wondered what your professors are like outside the lecture hall? What the focus of their current research is? What life was like when they were undergrads? Sneak in questions about a potential UROP, swap bad chemistry puns, or simply enjoy the company of some of the most renowned chemistry professors and researchers in the country.